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Get Expertise from a Serial Entrepreneur

My specialties are community building, eCommerce, digital marketing, personal branding, networking, online presence, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I'll get back to you quickly and contrary to millennial stereotypes, I enjoy speaking on the phone.

I'm passionate about empowering people to achieve their career and business goals, which I do as a serial entrepreneur, an award-winner speaker, and as an adjunct professor.


I love sharing what I've learned with people through print and digital publications and live on-air. Whether talking as a social media expert for national television, about eCommerce for a major publication, or personal branding do's and don'ts for business people on a radio show, I can add fresh, energetic insights and expertise to your articles, segments, and branded content.


I've been quoted for numerous articles and am a frequent guest for radio, live-stream broadcasts, and national TV. See my full CV here with a complete list of press.

Emily is an absolute pleasure to work with​ ​- she's smart, sociable, and ​​very client-friendly​. ​My team hired Emily as an influencer for a branded content video project. We were working with a ​very ​tight schedule and she was ​super communicative and easy to get in touch with during that entire week, asking all the right questions along the way. On camera, she nailed the interview portion with confidence and grace. I would highly recommend Emily as talent or​ an expert for other projects​.

- Amber Moller Senior Content Producer at CBS Interactive

Miethner College Keynote Speaker
Miethner College Keynote Speaker

HIGHLIGHT: Influencer Talent in CBS Interactive x LG branded video

HIGHLIGHT: Live In-Studio Guest on Cheddar TV at The New York Stock Exchange

HIGHLIGHT: Featured on Good Morning America / ABC as Social Media & Millennial Expert



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