• Emily Miethner

GIFs, Hashtags, and MEMES, Oh My! How to Use Social Media to Boost Program Attendance for NACE

My slides for inclusion in “Strategic Communications & Innovative Marketing” at the NACE Management Leadership Institute, 2018.

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Description: You know that social media is where most students are spending their time and getting information, but do you know the best way to use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or LinkedIn to connect with students and share information about your programs? Social media platforms and their features change rapidly, and this session is your chance to get the latest download on what's up! During this workshop, Emily Miethner, social media & millennial expert, adjunct professor, and CEO of, will go over the features of major social media platforms you should be using, tools to create content for social media quickly and easily, and the best ways to use social media during your programs to create the perfect balance of FOMO and useful content for those who couldn't make it. Learning Objectives: You'll leave this workshop with a better understanding of how and why to use different social media platforms and their specific features, and actionable steps for ways to create impactful campaigns that will result in more attendance and participation in your programs and offerings.